Banjos is home safe and sound and I can finally relax about being stuck a single parent.  Jesus, that was not an easy three days. You’ll also note the earlier links are back because my wife is. So thank her instead of my lazy ass.

Dusty “The Lizard” Baker played a little game of Serbian Jew Double-bluff and ended up starting an allegedly under-the-weather Stephen Strasburg. The righty threw a 12-strikeout masterpiece as the Nats thumped the Cubs 5-0 to force Game 5 today.  The winner will fly to Los Angeles to face the Dodgers starting Saturday.

Aaron Judge

And on the junior circuit, the fucking Yankees came back from two games down to beat the Indians 5-2.  They probably already had their bags packed for Houston and will probably be there by the time I write this.  That series starts tomorrow. The win was an act of redemption for Joe Girardi, who failure to replay a call earlier in the series had every talking head going insane.  He still probably left CC Sabathia in a little too long, but a comedy of errors by Cleveland in the top of the ninth sealed the deal and made that a long-forgotten memory.  In related news, Aaron Judge accumulated three golden sombreros in the five game series.  He struck out a total of 16 times over the five games.  He avoided the record-tying fifth strikeout in a nine inning game by meekly slapping the ball down the third base line to end the top of the ninth.  Man, Jobu has not been kind to him this postseason. But they advance, which is all that matters.

USA Soccer still sucks. And that mighty Troy team that went in and beat LSU on their home field played South Alabama last night. And they got beat 19-8. That’s how bad LSU is (and how bad pre-season pollsters were slotting them at #12 and 13 in the coaches and writers polls respectively). Still not as bad as their miss on Florida State being #3, but the hurricane and the Francois injuries have the Seminole snakebit this year.

Last but not least, the Penguins beat the Capitals. Because that’s what they do.

Alrighty. You people want links? I’ll give you links. Oh yeah, here are…the links!

Remember that crazy little fat fuck who lords over North Korea?  Well he’s back in the news shooting his mouth off.  I swear, Trump has played him better than he’s playing the NFL. Wildcard, bitches!!!!!

OK, seriously, who farted?

Alec Baldwin: litterer, psychopath, anti-Italian xenophobe. But hey, at least he didn’t call this guy a faggot or berate an 11-year old child. So he’s making progress.

The latest news on the California wildfires ravaging wine country. Hint: its all bad.  Stay safe NorCal Glibs.  You’re in our thoughts and  prayers.

Fight Club: The Early Years. Oh, except for the fact that the plot is actually coherent and the people involved were not doing so freely.  Jesus, I hope those fuckers involved in this end up thrown under the jail.


Well here’s a thought-provoking (and hopefully comment-generating) story. It’s a pretty fucked up situation, but those are the ones that drive law and policy.  Weigh in below!

Texas Governor Greg Abbott says Texas is about to get “rolled” on the Harvey aid package. If by “rolled”, he means they won’t get the freebies other places have gotten after storms, then he needs to practice what he preaches and call for fiscal sanity.  But that never happens. (Bonus local link of eye candy from Austin City Limits)

I don’t usually go for live versions, but its kinda impossible not to for this song.

We hit our 300 thousandth comment yesterday. You guys are the absolute greatest! Thank you so much for being a part of this little experiment.