What happens when you donate a million bucks to the victims of a horrible mass shooting?  Apparently what happens if you’re the UFC: people give you a ration of shit in the comments.  By the way, I’m convinced LaVar Ball is the smartest man involved in basketball.  Its front-page news when he decides to homeschool his next cash register so he doesn’t have any distractions.  Dude is just printing money while people call him crazy and/or a drag on his sons.  But they’re gonna end up with max contracts anyway. And he’ll stay in the spotlight for as long as he wants, because he’s the man holding the strings and the sports media are the puppets.

Baseball playoffs start tonight at 7 when the Twins visit the Bronx. Santana (MIN) vs Severino (NYY) ought to be a good matchup. The two Dominicans, which I have nothing but respect for, both have solid records and ERAs, even if the former isn’t quite the strikeout artist the latter is.  He’s got a lot more big game experience, which should offset that.  I am picking the Twins to win 5-2.

Got enough sports in? I hope so, because there’s nothing else going on except for baseball until the hockey season officially starts…tomorrow! Soccer WC qualifiers kick back into gear this weekend too, as the final two rounds of the CONCACAF Hexagonal and European groupings take place.  I see a playoff for the Americans though. So they’ll get another chance next month to blow it.

Okey-dokey then.  Let’s take a ganders at…the links.

Tired of standing in his fellow race-baiter Ta Nehisi Coates’s shadow, Chauncey De Vega goes completely up his own asshole with this one. (It’s Salon, so consider yourself warned! Although he gets torn to shreds in a good many of the comments.) Bonus Salon derp about guns from AmanDUH Marcotte. And I’m sorry for coming right out of the box with not one, but two Salon pieces. Its my way of thanking you for reaching the 1000 comment plateau with yesterday’s morning links. The reward for 2000 is better, as it involves good edit faeries engaged in some…frolicking, shall we say.  But only one way to find out what that entails.

Seems like a reasonable request

Catalan leader takes the high road in standoff with Madrid. I swear, he must have watched Ghandi recently and seen how passive resistance in the face of violent state acts can net positive results once the world is made aware.  Its why the Soviet Union kept such a tight lid on media as the socialist nation was butchering tens of millions of her own people.  Same for China, as far as it keeping a lid on media, butchering tens of millions and being socialist. Let’s see what Brussels says. (My guess is nothing, as they are all about more nations and cultures being dragged under one umbrella for the sweet, sweet money they can extract from them. )

Tom Petty had a heart attack and died yesterday. The famous musician was 66 and didn’t appear to be in poor health. I enjoyed some of his music in moderation. I never saw him in concert and never really felt the urge to, but I’d rarely change the station if something of his came on.  He will be sadly missed by many fans of his music and lifestyle.

Congress doesn’t renew CHIP program. Hey, children hardest hit is true for once. I guess its time for the states to take care of their own people if they want to, as this was never supposed to be the responsibility of the nation’s taxpayers in the first place.

Artist’s depiction of reality

The OC Register takes off the gloves and pulls the California government’s jersey over its head. Then it wails on it until the referees step in and stop the beating. Bravo for the beatdown. Unfortunately, I don’t think that many people in your state will care until the entire state is bankrupt (in 10 years).

I’m surprised the landlord-tenant lawsuits took this long to start after Harvey. But this is actually what our court system is for, so I’m happy they’re getting some resolution.

Taking it a step farther than yesterday’s song…

Yesterday was rough, friends. I promise you today will be a better day