We are now moving on to day 2 of the Sloopy Single Parent Experiment. Day 1 was an adventure but I managed to survive it intact and everybody remained fed and (mostly) clothed. Hopefully I can keep the place together for the next two days while Banjos “works” in Chicago. All I saw from Day 1 were sightseeing photos and pictures of italian casseroles. But whatever. I still think I’ll win the bet that the house will be in one piece when she gets home tomorrow night.

For Aaron Judge, again.

A pair of teams punched their ticket to the next round of the MLB playoffs yesterday. The Dodgers got the brooms out and swept the D-backs back to the desert, I’ll be honest, I thought they’s beat the Dodgers. But to get swept and be all but humiliated?  Jeez, that’s rough. They await the winner of the Cubs-Nats, which sits at 2-1 Chicago after the Cubs won yesterday. They’ll be the lone game tonight.  The other team was the ASTROOOOOOOOOS!!! They brushed aside a game Red Sox team in an action-packed game that included a bottom-of-the-ninth inside the park homerun to cut the lead to one.  The Yankees won last night, despite Aaron Judge getting his second golden sombrero in four games and hitting a measly .067 in the series.  Dude needs to have them sacrifice a live chicken in the clubhouse or run to KFC. They’ll play the Indians in the deciding Game 5 tomorrow night.

Some more soccer teams punched their ticket to Russia 2018 last night, but the most interesting development was Ireland beating Wales on the road 1-0 and sneaking into the playoffs.  Th interesting night is tonight, with CONCACAF and CONMEBOL both playing their final round of games. Will the USA get in (if the field is even playable)? Will the Mexicans and Ticos dump their games in order to give the Hondurans and/or Panamanians a chance to pass us? Will the Argentinians sneak back in on the last day?  Lots to shake out.

OK, we gotta talk some serious stuff now. Well, kinda. You decide for yourself what’s serious and what’s a joke as I present…the links!

Sexual harassment victim? Supposedly.

Lena Dunham bitches about the silence of men surrounding Harvey Weinstein. And she regales us of a similar tale that happened to her with another Hollywood producer…who she refuses to name.  No word about sticking her fingers into her pre-pubescent sister in the story or falsely accusing someone of rape while in college. And no word about her sexually harassing Odell Beckham at a gala event where she was grinding all up on him when he wouldn’t give her a moment’s attention.  Maybe they’ll come up in the next installments.  Maybe not. Clinton, Obama and other Democrat power players are conspicuously silent.

Wine Country in California is ablaze. At least 10 dead and well over a thousand structures burned.  Stay safe NorCal Glibs. SoCal is in the same boat as the Anaheim Hills fire grows to 6000 acres and forces evacuations.  Stay safe SoCal Glibs.

Audit warned that Florida Hurricane Response System wasn’t prepared for Irma. I’ll be honest, I thought they’ve done a pretty good job with the national resources stretched after Harvey. Floridians may beg to differ but the ones I know haven’t complained that much.

Remember how Colorado legalized pot? Not everybody got the memo. The four arrested all “have ties to Cuba” and the local cops arrested them with help from there FBI and DEA.  At a “street value of over $1,000,000”, we can assume it was all really worth a couple grand and is more about the state strictly enforcing their oppressive licensing and taxing scam.  Which, when you think about it, is ironically what the Cuban growers were probably fleeing in the first place.

I hope this doesn’t trigger you.

Woman posts picture kissing her kid. People become judgmental assholes.

And, oh yeah, the police made a minor change in the timeline of the Vegas mass shooting. And by minor change, I mean they make a fucking earth-shattering alteration to the timeline and release that THE SHOOTER SHOT A SECURITY GUARD OUTSIDE HIS ROOM A FULL SIX MINUTES BEFORE HE STARTED TO OPEN FIRE ON THE CROWD. A full six minutes before he opened fire, he shot someone, without a suppressor, in the hallways of a huge Las Vegas hotel right at the time people are heading out for the night. And the hotel and/or police never came up to investigate for another 76 minutes? Never got a call down from a curious guest that happened to open his door and see a security guard bleeding after hearing a loud bang? Well congratulations, LVMPD and FBI. You’ve managed to make pretty much anything else you say questionable. In further news, they’re still 100% certain he had no ties to any extremist groups and that he for sure, without a doubt was the only one in the room. Jesus, what a fucking disastrous fuckup.

Getting deeper into the week. And into the groove. (no, its not Madonna).

Good luck out there today. I’m gonna try and keep the place in one piece as I work and as Banjos enjoys a mini-vacation work conference in the Windy City.