Hey kiddos, I’m here to provide you with your daily dose of afternoon links! Won’t this be fun?

  • Speaking of kiddos, the Paddock family is really working hard at notoriety. The Vegas shooter’s brother is in the OMWC way currently having been arrested during an investigation of consumers of adult content featuring child actors.
  • The .in.mb family seat in rural NY now has a spectacularly named gun club for homos and trans-folk “Trigger Warning Queer and Trans Gun Club.” I’d rather see the membership and clout of the Pink Pistols grow, but I’ll take what I can get.
  • Fun fact: Playa Manhattan is masturbating furiously right. this. minute.
  • Philipines continues to snuggle up to people we don’t really like.

And since I was drunk at Oktoberfest this weekend, here’s a scruffy blond fellow in (faux) leather lederhosen playing the sax.

Thanks, Alpine Village Oktoberfest!