Something (not so) funny happened on the way to the 2018 World Cup. Seriously, USMNT? Seriously?!?!?! How do you go to the worst team in the tournament at their stadium that seats 10,000 people and they only have about 1,000 tickets sold in a game where you can’t afford to lose and play with such a lack of heart?  I can forgive the fluky first goal. But a 45 yard shot in the open field that gets by the “greatest goalie to ever play for the USA”? And then the complete lack of effort going forward against Trinidad?   They’re freaking Trinidad and you’re the USA. You can’t get hyped up enough to show a little energy in that game then you deserve what you got.  And Bruce Arena, you’re an idiot that got fired the last time you were in over your head and you deserve to get fired again.  Stupid bunch of prima donna assclowns.  And in South America, Chile won’t be going either as a wild bunch of games ended up with them staying home.  But at least they can say they lost to Brazil on the final day and not Trinidad.

Well the NHL has been playing for a week now and its time to update things.  The St Louis Blues are off to a 4-0 start in the west, which should make one special Glib happy.  Your boys are on a tear, Jake. Good for them.  The Blackhawks should be tied but they lost their third game in OT to “settle” for 3-0-1. They look all but unstoppable.  The Maple Leafs are enjoying their greatest season in the last 20 years and sit at 3-0, atop the east.  That’s great since they’re usually looking to see how close they are to the last WC spot by the third game of the season. The Caps, Devils and Red Wings are likewise off to good starts, but its so early I don’t want to even look for trends yet.  Well, except for the trend of twice as many whistles a game.  Seriously, NHL front office, you guys need to reel these officials in. I know slashing was going to be a priority this year but they’re taking it too far.

The Cubs-Nationals game was rained out yesterday and they’ll play Game 4 today.  The Yanquis-Indians series-clincher will also happen today in Cleveland.  Meanwhile, the Dodgers, who I was so wrong about heading into the Diamondbacks series, and the Astros are calmly waiting and getting their pitching staffs rested in anticipation of their league championship series, which will start Saturday and Friday, respectively.  And elsewhere in sports news that was just too funny for me personally not to share, Paul Finebaum went on the radio yesterday and told it like it is. I’m not so sure his paymasters at ESPN will be happy that he went against their “golden boy” narrative in such strong words. But they’ve got bigger problems to deal with than that little, bald turd shooting his mouth off.

Right-o then. You guys ready for some links? I bet you’re ready for some links.  Then let’s give it up for…the links!

I’d have to be crazy to go against the teacher union

California permanently eliminates exit exam requirement for high school graduation. The reason given was that it didn’t align with the new common core standards.  I guess they couldn’t have changed the questions?  Either way, the public school system there is an absolute joke so I don’t think this is going to matter any unless there was a rider on the bill that snuck merit-based pay and retention for teachers. And we all know that will never happen in the Golden State.

Remember that cop who arrested the nurse in Utah because she refused to break the law? Well he got fired yesterday. Want to get an unfortunately all-too-real laugh? Read this bit from the article (emphasis mine):

Attorney Greg Skordas, who represents Payne, said his client plans to appeal a firing he considers unfair and over the top. Skordas said Payne would still be employed if the body camera footage hadn’t generated so much attention and blown the events out of proportion.

“Blew it out of proportion? You mean shown what really happened rather than allowing the cop to be the only official version of what happened? His supervisor that let the whole thing happen got demoted. And as far as I can tell, nobody will face prosecution and the taxpayers will eventually be on the hook for some sweet, sweet settlement money.

And speaking of idiot cops, explain to me how this doesn’t constitute a criminal conspiracy to cover up a crime. Do we have a dunphy signal over here yet?  Or is he still touring in the far east since his wife Morgan Fairchild is filming there?

Was that wrong? Was I not supposed to do that? Because if I’d have known… What a dickhead.

Harvey Weinstein is off to sex rehab in Europe. Not quite sure where, but my money is its on to a nation without an extradition agreement for the types of crimes he has all but admitted to. Roman Polanski was not available for comment as he was spotted building an addition onto his chalet yesterday.

Here, smell my fingers!

If you’re gonna bang your parishioners daughters, be prepared for this to happen. DAAAAAAAMN!

Germany will not recognize an independent Catalonia. They fear if the Sudeten Catalan people are torn away from the Fatherland the rest of Spain, bad things could happen.

I got blisters on my fingers!

Halfway through the week and today is the last day of me being a single parent. I think I’m gonna make it. Hope your week is going as well as mine is.