How in the fuck does a bullpen shit the bed like that? How? HOW?!?!  The Yankees knotted the ALCS at 2 games a piece after getting to the Astros bullpen. Hopefully they can right the ship and start hitting like they did against Boston, otherwise that 2-0 lead they had will turn into a nightmarish finish to their season.

Elsewhere, the Dodgers put a stranglehold on their series with the Cubs, taking a 3-0 lead and getting one step away from the World Series trip they’ve been desperate for in L.A. (The Anaheim series doesn’t count, sorry Angels fans).  My guess is that they pull out the brooms tonight at Wrigley and send the defending champs out with a thud.

The NBA started their season last night and somebody from the Celtics got hurt and they lost to the socially-conscious LeBrons.  Meanwhile, the Rockets brought their own pyrotechnics to Oakland and torched the Warriors (by 1 point). The Warriors are in last place in the Western Conference. The Maple Leafs continue to impress in hockey after blanking the Caps. Pens won. Preds won. Hurricanes won and Vegas (Strong!) beat Buffalo.

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And now… the links!

GA Supreme Court — full of Republican appointees — holds that the Georgia Constitution means what it says, and that compelled breathalyzers violate that.

It looks like the found the Mandalay Bay security guard. He was hiding in plain site on Ellen!

Hillary defends NFL kneelers, because anything he opposes, she supports.

White male privilege: Too much exercise will kill you!

At least you still have Lou Reed!