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Dubious Rivalry of the Week

Akron @ Toledo, Toledo, OH

Zips vs Rockets.  I was expecting this to be a real rivalry, but they have only played 19 times.  Toledo leads 10-9.  This didn’t play between 1947 and 1992.  I am sure there is a reason, but I don’t care enough to look it up.  Akron led 6-2 before the hiatus, but Toledo has won 9 of the last 11.

Tailgate of the Week

Fresno St @ San Diego St, San Diego, CA

After last week’s boozy punch, I am going cold turkey and talking beer only.  So San Diego was an easy choice for the week.

Beer:  I was going to list them, but a link is easier.  Enjoy.

Game of the Century of the Week

USC @ Notre Dame, Sound Bend, IN

This has been a big game in the past and is again, because Notre Dame has decided not to suck this year.  I think both are overhyped, but the winner is still around for discussions of the playoffs for at least another week.

Notre Dame leads the all time series 44-36-5.  Instead of alternating between October in Indiana and November in California, they should reverse it.  I would like to USC playing in northern Indiana in late November.

Top 25

And like every other ranking system, Alabama is now #1.  I can’t explain Florida, they moved into the to 25 with a loss.  **shrug** Computer systems, watcha gonna do?










Falling out:  Maryland, Texas Tech, UCLA, Navy.