Missed me, didn’t ya? Since we haven’t one in awhile I’ll just do some gun links. Better to ease into it after a long absence.

Remember the SHARE act? Remember how it was going to be the most awesome pro gun bill in history? Remember when Las Vegas got shot to shit? Well, good news! The SHARE act is back! Except it isn’t going to deregulate silencers anymore… it’s gonna ban bump stocks instead! Yay…. wait, WHAT?! What the actual fuck! What kind of stupid party bait and switch is this exactly? Do you want to get firebombed, DC? Cause this is how you get firebombed.

See if you can guess which 17 states formally oppose national reciprocity. Most of these should be obvious but there were a few surprises mixed in. Put your guesses in the comments.

Your weekly nut punch: Record expunged for ex-Tulsa cop acquitted in fatal shooting. Not only does she get to go home safely, but she can find a new job without all of that pesky negligent homicide business muddying up the waters! Still won’t save her from a 10 second google duckduckgo search.

Along that tangent: Cops are corrupt? YOU DON’T SAY!

For all my ATF haters out there, SB Tactical is feeling you. They just released two new products designed to work with their stock arm brace that makes it even better as a stock arm brace. Seriously, they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.

Status: Operator AF.

See, this is why only police officers should have guns. They are the only ones calm, responsible, and trained enough to shoulder the burden of safe firearms usage.