Man is it afternoon links time already? Damn. Today has just flown by. It must be all those meetings. Nobody told 25 year old me (or even 30 year old me) that as you move up the ladder, you’re still responsible for your weekly output as well as 15-20 hours of meetings a week. I thought those meetings would count towards my output. Oh well. I don’t have to stay late or work over the weekend so let the fun begin!

Damn, bro. Your lawyer should charge you triple for being a dumbass. Shut the fuck up, go your ass to jail, and give your lawyer a chance.

Not how it works at all

Global Warming — good for the Ozone Hole. And crops, and not freezing to death.

For you TSLA shorts, if the market were rational, you’d make a killing. Don’t lose your ass thinking it will finally go rational. Of course, if the market were rational, the opportunity for such a huge short wouldn’t exist.

It sure is nice to have visitors, part time residents, and renters carry 1/3rd of my tax burden.

Donna Brazile must know there’s a note in her own handwriting saying something like, “Hillary, of course I’ll rig things to get you elected. — Donna”.  But right now, I’m really enjoying one of the least competent politicians in America getting pilloried by her former allies.

A little friday pop groove.