I’ve avoided pro football for some time now due to the assholery of a large group of players.  But I’ll touch on it a bit today. Well Zeke is back on suspension. Pretty sure Jerry ain’t gonna like that. And file this under good news: Richard Sherman can dedicate more of his time to kneeling, making up bullshit stories about police interactions and accusing the owners, one of which pays him millions a year, of being despicable human beings akin to slave owners.  Seriously, fuck that guy. He’s the poster for asshattery.

He’ll probably say the police had him proned out tomorrow.

In the world of soccer, Croatia thumped Greece in the first leg of their playoff. They should feel good heading to Athens with a handsome lead on aggregate.  Meanwhile, the Swiss topped Northern Ireland 1-0 after a controversial penalty. The away goal was crucial.  Second leg in Basel on Sunday.

On the frozen ponds, The Oilers beat the Devils. The Flyers topped the (somewhat) faltering Blackhawks. The Wild go crazy on the Canadiens. The Blues beat the woeful Coyotes in a shootout. The Flames torch the Red Wings. The Ducks fuck up the Canucks. And last but not least, the Lightning blast the Kings.

And now…the links!

The Roy Moore thing has been beaten to death since yesterday so I’m not going to bother linking to it. I’m acknowledging it as a news story, but I’d sure like to see some corroboration beyond “mom said she remembers her daughter talking about an older guy 30 years ago”. Let’s see how it plays out. But in my opinion, the GOP would be wise to ask him to step aside now and then offer to bankroll his lawsuits against the people making the statements if they’re untrue.

Is this gonna be like Bicentennial Man, but in reverse? Because I’d like to see that if it at least made me feel like I got those two hours of my life back.

Fat, drunk and stupid apparently IS a way to go through life.

Don’t make him angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. Especially if you’re his wife or a waiter.

Remember this the next time some gun-grabbing dips hit says the “good guy with a gun” thing is a fallacy and that we’re all going to have to give up some freedoms to be safe: and be sure to tell them that using that logic, they believe its ok for this girl to be kidnapped just so they can feel safe in their retarded, progressive little mind. Then tell them to eat a turd.

Without this hard-hitting journalism, our Democracy would surely die in darkness. Its the #2 most popular story on the site, otherwise I’d dismiss it as a puff piece. Well, a soft hit piece anyway. And the comments…don’t enter the comments. You’d think this was some huge diplomatic faux pas like if he took a dump on Abe’s desk with cameras rolling. And these cretinous people wonder how Trump won in the first place. Maybe its because they cover every single thing he does to death and most people find their hyperventilating completely unwarranted.

Trump’s fault, obviously.

I can’t believe this even made the front page in Boston. Try to remember it now, because as strong as that cop union is, it’ll probably be the last anyone hears of the review except for the suspension without pay, but one that allows for additional overtime in the preceding and following weeks so the cop essentially gets a free vacation.

Once again, the city of Chicago finds a way to fuck businesses and consumers in an effort to fund their own failed systems and the pensions of those who operate them. Why the hell anybody would want to live there is beyond my comprehension.

Well its certainly not the job for this Glib. But there will be ample Mexicans, ass sex (if desired) and weed (if desired). So fire up those resumes. It might be a perfect fit for another one here.

I tried to avoid it, but I knew the week would end with this track.

Have a great end of the week. And a better weekend.