Sometimes sports updates start with tennis. Today is one of those days.  Roger Federer took out Marin Čilić and Jack Sock shocked Alexander Zverev to both reach the semifinals of the ATP Finals.  Sock will face Dimitrov. Federer’s opponent is yet to be determined (but it will be David Goffin or David Thiem.

Jose Altuve got the AL MVP, as expected. And Giancarlo Stanton won the NL award barely eking out a win over Joey Votto in the closest race in a few decades.

The NHL had a whopping 12 games on the slate last night. The winners were: the Maple Leafs, the Islanders, The freaking Coyotes (?!?!), the Penguins, the Lightning, the Minnesoda WIIIIIIILD, the Jets, The Avalanche, the Blues, the Army, err Las Vegas Black Knights, the Bruins and the Sharts.  If your team name was not mentioned, hang your head in shame for the next ten seconds (unless they were off like the Blackhawks…relax Swissy, they’ll be just fine).

Yeah…like tomorrow!

OK, now. Chin up. Put on a brave face. And let’s get ready for…the links!

Wait, I had no idea that Frankenstein was such a breast man. (I know its Frankenstein’s monster before one of you pedants points that out. Just roll with it, fer chrissakes.) I’m giving points for the nickname. By the way, here is HuffPo’s story on it. Note in the comments how its all nothing and probably a Trumpalo smear campaign. Even with the photographic evidence they either wave it away or blame the victim because she’s done some “fashion” modeling.  Some go so far to say they believe the Moore accusers more than this one even though Franken has apologized in part and there’s freaking photographic evidence.  Nice hypocrisy there, dickheads.  It was the same at Salon, by the way. But I ain’t linking to freaking Salon today.

With a name like Hunter…

Does this high school student-banging teacher lady not realize its inappropriate…inappropriate to wear a christmas shirt before Thanksgiving? Also, she looks a bit like Geena Davis to me. Fortunately without the massive gums.  Anyway, I doubt her husband, the school’s football coach, is gonna be too happy.  Freaking Oklahoma…always trying to be like west Texas.

What do you do when your ponzi scheme is about to be exposed? Some people try to flee the country. Others double down because their entire business is propped up by government largesse and social signaling by the dumbs hits who buy into their schtick. Is a sucker being born every minute enough to keep the enterprise alive? Only time will tell.

OK, maybe if it was one person, I could see it being an accident or someone not paying attention. But when you plow into five pedestrians and two other cars at an intersection, common sense leads me to believe you might have been to one being unsafe, sirens or not. But take solace int he fact that an investigation is underway…by the coworkers of the dudes who plowed into the cars and people, killing two children.  Strange how the news story gets a quote from a cop spokesman who wasn’t there but never got a word from a single crash victim or witness.  Great reporter-work there, Lou. Also, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say the LA County taxpayers are about to have a huge check written on their behalf.

Eddie Johnson: a crooked cop’s best friend

Chicago its taking some crooked cops off the streets. And placing them one desk duty.  Because what greater punishment can there be than making someone’s job easier and considerably less risky?

Gee, what did you expect to happen when you create what is essentially a hostile environment? But its all cool. The government will solve what the government has created.  I mean, they always do, right? Once the gorillas freeze to death.

I wanted to find an 80s song heavy on keyboards and bass. This is the only one I know.

Be sure to have a great weekend.  Its Illibuck trophy weekend for me. Go Bucks!