Man, what a not-so-great Monday. Neither the 2 year old nor the almost 4 year old give a fuck about time zones or clocks. They just get up when they get up. 4:49 am today. Luckily I was asleep at 9:15 because it had already been dark for 3 hours. And screw technology. On the good side, I’ve got a pork roast in the oven that is going to be off the chain for dinner tonight.

In case nuclear fusion wasn’t a significantly unrealistic form of near future energy, meet quark fusion.

Here’s a Florida Man flagrantly violating airport security.

I think this is exactly the sort of scandal that got a British admiral hanged, and from which Voltaire’s “pour encourager les autres” was drawn. Let’s try it.

T. Rex arms get a rehabilitation.

For our Candiaish contingent.