Sloopy had some real work things to take care of. Something about PC Load Letter. I’m subbing in but the Sportzball is going to be brief. The Bucs and Packers both prevailed in contests involving other terrible teams, “America’s Team” got their asses handed to them, and the Bellicheks must have stolen the right playbook in Denver. In Ice Dancing, the Blackhawks give up a hat trick and the game to the Debils, and the Lightning find a way to beat the Disneys. Grand-Moff Serious Man sends the following link about a rising two-sport athlete. And now… the links!

This sounds like the plot of a movie. Green Beret killed, allegedly by SEAL roommates to cover up smuggling. I’m thinking his buddy/brother teams up with a reformed “freedom fighter” to counterstrike elite teams. May need a hot female who is magically able to fight off at least two SEALs hand-to-hand.

In other crappy news, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the Iran-Iraq border and left 325+ dead and thousands in need of shelter.

Good news! The Octopus Eats Man’s Nuts story is Fake News!

Dems 2020 savior: A serial groper who even the WaPo noticed (of course, since he was the Light-bringer’s pick, they made light of it rather than call for his resignation). Here’s a little collection of “Joe being Joe”.

This must have come out about the time I started driving, its on the first mixtape I made for riding around.