From CNN:

Neighbor Jim Skaggs, who was the developer for the neighborhood known as Rivergreen years ago, told CNN that there has been a “long-running disagreement” between them over property maintenance. He also noted that [Rand] Paul did not like the rules of the property when they were first explained to him.

“He believes in less restrictions on property rights. He has strong beliefs on this subject,” Skaggs said. “He had to be told very sternly that he needed to follow the rules and restrictions. He did not do anything wrong. But he had to be told sternly to follow the rules. He did not like the rules.”
Skaggs said he “very much likes” both men, though he noted that Paul “is a very different character than most people.

“He’s a deep believer in his own thoughts,” Skaggs said. “And he believes his own thoughts are right — and they are right 100% of the time.”

That is the same, sometimes cantankerous, attitude that Paul displayed in Washington during fights over civil liberties, health care and taxes.

“Can you imagine living next door to that guy?” said one congressional colleague who has regularly tangled with Paul over policy. “I’m pulling for the neighbor.”