I’ll admit that after reading Swiss’s story yesterday, anything I could say would be weak tea indeed. It did make me glad that I did everything I could to stay out of Vietnam, which seemed like the Forever War then, but pales compared to the Bush/Obama adventures (which, to be fair, can now be called Bush/Obama/Trump). Following that, Links seem… superfluous. But potentially entertaining, somewhat. And I guess that’s all we’ve got left, since we’re all complicit in the brainless death machine that we call the US Government.

Imprecision in language pisses me off- when it becomes deliberate in an attempt to mislead, it pisses me off even more. CNN is a reliable culprit. “Meddling in an election” is not the same as “meddling in a campaign.” Zero evidence of the former, the latter is almost assuredly true, and our government does it routinely. But hey, CNN has taken a mission upon itself.

Never read internet comments. Never read internet comments. Never read internet comments.

I don’t know about you, but I’d want someone with thinner fingers. Ouch.

This is the worst goddamn way to be killed in action.

I’m shocked SHOCKED that Prince Charles is a loathsome bigot, not just a dummy with zero knowledge of history and demography.

And against popular demand, more Old Guy Music. This is one of my favorite songs, and man, having Leo Kottke covering it is delightful. Almost makes me smile.