Man, I am just beat. Too many late nights watching beisbol. Since all my preferred football teams suck and nothing interesting will happen in hockey or basketball until after Spring Training starts, I have a couple of months to catch up. 

How many people get to say they got kidnapped by Amazonian pirates and wandered out of the jungle just fine? I’m not sure I agree with their life choices, but I’m happy for their children that everyone survived with only bug bites to show.

This article’s headlines says Analytics won the World Series. But upon reading the article, it seems that the analytics identify people underperforming, and having coaches who can develop them is what actually matters.

NYC Attack would have been much worse if the super highly trained NYPD hadn’t shown up in minutes(!) and shot the guy. Who had left his vehicle and had a pellet gun. What the fuck are you talking about? The apologists did this after Vegas, too. No. Just, no. That guy carried out a successful attack, unfortunately. All the cops did was prevent him from escaping. Which, good on them, but they didn’t stop it from getting worse.

The new Fed Chair, about as milquetoast as you could find. At least seems to understand that the Fed has some limits on its ability to affect the economy and dislikes the Volker rule.


Oh look, another State Capitalist currency adding zeroes to its bank notes. This would never happen in True Socialism.

Cultural appropriation or just a good euphemism for wanking?