Man, I am busier than a meth-head in scab-picking contest. Big thanks to Swiss for picking up the ball and running with it the last few days. Hope to return to regular fun tomorrow.

Looks like SpaceX is having a case of the Teslas.

That piece of shit who shot up the church is in the running for worst human (without a government position or cult following division). TW: autoplay

If the whole #metoo thing is Heathers as sexual assault, is this the Martha Dumptruck scene? Also, this information would have been great like, six weeks ago.

Some idiot on FB posted that women get mental illness, too but only men mass murder. Uh, sure.

You’ll be shocked to find out that the TSA fails 80% of security tests. I mean, probably not you, but some people will pretend to be.

Have a little 80s synth theme-music