Hey, y’all. Its a fun day to be a web junkie. I wonder how many people are wishing someone had just taken Harvey Weinstein around the back of his house and neutered him a decade ago. I, for one, am happy to see the end of the elected official -(D) pass expiring. Being pollyannaish, I hope that women can safely be allowed near male elected officials without being groped, kissed, or fondled without giving consent. The cynic in me thinks Franken gets thrown to the wolves to keep Biden from having to take a fall.

“She was asleep at the time, which is like consent, right?”

Here’s one slimy bastard who should have been convicted, walking free for a bit longer. Having a juror bail and then talk about the case before the trial ended reeks of a setup, but it could just be stupidity.

I’m not sure if the Sheriff in this case is right or wrong about his interpretation of the Disorderly Conduct statute in Texas, but going on social media and saying, “call my office and let’s talk about it” seems like a not-entirely-jackbooted way of dealing with something he’s getting regular complaints from his voters about.

I’m guessing this Ohio state rep was found drinking mineral water with another man.

Some pretty cool materials science shit from that other college in Texas that puts industrial-scale nuclear fusion only 20 years away.

More private space flight accomplishments. 

I mean, I hate to stereotype, but this song is for former Rep. Wes Goodman.