Hindsight being 20/20 makes this stuff pretty easy to talk about now. Looks like dude was a powder keg waiting to blow.  No, scratch that.  He was a slow-burning timer fuse that knew exactly what he was doing and took meticulous notes and nobody heeded the warning signs and/or tried to stop him.

You’re a fucking psy-cho.

Hey dumbass, everything on the internet IS THERE FOREVER!!!!!  I think she’s either got a lonely life ahead of her or a lucrative future in fetish porn.  Or both perhaps. Either way, she sure sounds like a real winner. And she wears her hair like shit.

Who wins Liar Of The Day?  No wait, Liar Of The Week.  nah, not good enough..how about Liar Of The Month?  Still not quite right.  Ooh, I know: who deserves the Nobel Prize In Lying for 2017? That’s right. This guy beat out TOS’s very own Dunphy, who was unavailable to have accepted the award anyway due to sponsorship obligations between both the promoters of his rock tour and those involved in the World Big Wave Championships.  Anyway, what a narcissistic, lying sack of shit.

The most noticeable sponsor of the NFL is blaming lagging sales on the league. See, and this is why I don’t trust all those analytics guys, because you can get numbers to tell you whatever you want if you come up with the right formula.  Well, that and for even more ridiculous shit like this.

Poor people only! (And by poor, I mean $104k a year). Ain’t rent-fixing grand?

Holy shit! This has to be the most surprising thing I’ve ever heard!!!!! Don’t these people know there’s a law that says not to do this? The comments are an eclectic blend ranging from “no duh” to “Trumpz Murrica” and several points in between.  Enjoy the derp.

In Illinois, apparently the wheels of justice don’t grind at all when it comes to ethics complaints. But don’t worry. The legislative Inspector General will get right on that…just as soon as the vacancy since 2015 is filled.

That’s all for the links today.  And now…the sports!

Hey look its soccer scores from the UCL!  Monaco actually got a point. Sevilla won, Man City topped Naples, Shakhtar all but put themselves into the knockout stages, Porto won, Spurs stunned Real 3-1, BvB continues to shit the proverbial bed (which contrary to popular belief is not a pastime of all Germans)…and Liverpool beat up Maribor again and sit atop their group.

On the frozen ponds, The Pens beat Edmonton, Jersey beat Vancouver, Toronto got the ship righted by topping the Mighty Ducks, the Sharks blasted the Predators and the Blackhawks completely shut down the Flyers and beat their asses 3-0.  That’s a Swissy special report there. He needed that win…and he got it!

Buzzing around the bases like the Enola Gay buzzed around…well, you know.

And my, oh my!  I haven’t seen a Jap get bombed like that since August 9, 1945. Poor guy. He was graceful as ever.  But whoever thought it was a good idea ::cough::Dave Roberts::cough:: to put a guy on the mound that the Astros are very familiar with from his Rangers days and who they absolutely shelled the last several times they’ve faced him needs to have their head examined…Hannibal Lector-style. Anyway, the entire World Series went exactly as I predicted it. And I mean I predicted the winner of every single game and even called how games 6 and 7 would play out.  Wish I’d have made that parlay in Vegas, but I didn’t because I wasn’t there and I’m the kind of guy who believes in jinxing his team. Case in point: when Ohio State went down 14-0 to Penn State this past Saturday, I blamed myself for thinking my red jersey would be ok to wear. So I went upstairs, took it off and changed back into my white one.  And the rest is history.

Oh well.  Astros win! Astros win! ASTROS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They’ll be doing this in Houston this week. In L.A., reports are sketchy, but I’m hearing that the riots planned for this weekend will still go on as scheduled.

Have a great day, friends. I’ve got a busy one ahead of me.