Brett is a bit busy….something about trying to pry a suitcase of meth out of a 15 foot gator?

Not really Brett

I am not sure….the call for assistance was a bit garbled. Anyhoo, I am taking a break from the Fondue Mines to bring you the finest in Afternoon Links.

  • OK, I didn’t bring this one (h/t LT Fish) but it is worth a watch.
  • You got nothing on me, Elliot Ness!
  • Florida has a fever, and a whole sh&tload of stingrays is the cure!
  • OK, British Tabloid Headline of the day… SEX PROBE DEATH …it is not quite what you think.
  • Ah, come see the AP pour a double of envy, with a chaser of economic dimwittedness.


Oh, and this is a severe leak of confidential information. I am not amused.