There’s no links here yet, but we don’t want a riot. Sloopy and I both (separately) got too drunk last night. Look for an update in a few minutes.

Okay, links!

Wow. It looks like Tampa has a for real serial killer stalking Seminole Heights. Serge Storms is a far more lovable character.

Surprise, you probably now have high blood pressure.

This Hariri thing is an old-fashioned proxy war. More jaw-jaw less pew-pew.

Wow, BILL Clinton is going under the bus? Fortune is cruel, cruel bitch, and she has been molested by the Clintons once too often. (H/T Warty)

I know, its Tuesday, but it feels like Monday

And these are from Swissy’s emergency post — now disappeared!
Sloopy is jammed up with real world stuff, and I overslept….so

*shatters glass*

Try these emergency links!

  • Shocked about this one, aren’t you!
  • President Big Dog gets a look back in sadness or anger? [*cuts hand on piece of glass, “Ow, dammit, a double link!”]
  • Tesla with yet ANOTHER problem?!