Sad news in the world of sports, as retired pitcher Roy Halliday died in a plane crash in the Gulf of Mexico yesterday.  Dude was a hell of a pitcher: two Cy Young Awards, a no-hitter in the post season, racked up over 200 wins.  He was 40 years old.  What a shame.

LiAngelo Ball, son of LaVarr Ball and brother of Lonzo Ball, and a couple of his UCLA teammates got into trouble while in China due to their sticky fingers.  It was the first time in his entire life that LaVarr was unavailable for comment.

LiAngelo, that’s not an Uber you’re stepping into.

The international break starts today for soccer. But no qualifiers until tomorrow.

The Blues topped the Devils. The Caps fell to the Sabres. The Pens beat the woeful Coyotes. Oilers greased the Isles. Hurricanes destroy Florida. Press over Blue Jackets. Montreal beats Army, er Las Vegas. Vancouver tops Calgary. And last but not least, the Kings knock off the Mighty Ducks in the SoCal derby.

That’s all for sports.  Here comes…the links!

Winter is coming.  I hope the soldiers we have manning the wall keep those flappy-headed white walkers out.

Trump in South Korea.

Trump gives speech to South Korean assembly. Tells the Norks to get their shit together. SoKos give him multiple standing ovations as life continues as normal in Seoul.

Looks like the left have finally found that smoking gun they were looking for. Surely Trump can’t survive this horrible scandal. Thank you serious news media. I’m sure this will get all that credibility back you’ve been losing. (You probably should avoid the comments, by the way.)

An eye-opening expose on Little Saigon. I knew the Vietnamese loved their coffee. Now I think many of you will love it too.

Trump in Houston.

Suck it, Dallas-Ft Worth area. Houston now gets everything first!

And as you are all probably aware, Democrats across the country are rejoicing today after they destroyed the Republicans in off-year elections. I mean they kicked their asses.  2018 ought to be a wild ride for the midterms. I, for one, can’t wait for the civil, well-reasoned political discourse that’s sure to follow on the heels of the 2016 and now 2017 shitshows.

I got something’ for your punk asses.

I’m off to Galveston this morning.  Doing a nice big deal there.  And I didn’t want to say anything until I had it really going, but I think I can now: business is doing well. I have been selling a lot of equipment and doing some consulting. But a couple weeks ago, I signed a deal to do my first auction. Its an estate deal where there was a construction company involved. And after getting that done, I asked another auction company if they wanted to jump onboard with me and partner on the deal. Since then, we’ve blown it up to about $600,000. After today, it should be at $800,000 going across the ramp and we hope to get it well over $1M by sale day, which is December 5th. Needless to say, I’m extremely nervous about the whole thing, what with this being the first sale under my banner and with me being the auctioneer of record (as well as the guy calling all the action for the first time on equipment this expensive). Its really a big deal to me, having just opened my business in March.  Anyway, that’s part of the reason for such early links lately. Not sure how much that will continue, so don’t always expect them. But anyway, there’s a little explanation.

Have a great day, friends.