Looking out the window at work, I see some @#$%ing Hate Birds, the Birds That Hate stopping by to crap on our sidewalks and foul the pond out by the main entrance. SCREW YOU HATE BIRDS! And then there is all this work I have (yes, Rufus, I WORK! …sometimes) where I am waiting for other people to get back to me before I can finish the year out. And did I mention the ache in my right shoulder? Let me tell you…

*slaps self across face*

OK, I am fine…really. So, I guess you are here for some links, eh? OK, some of you are here for links. Because, lets face it, most of you are here to snark, and look at Q’s posts in the comments. Wait… or is that just me?  Anyway, here are some links for you:

  1. Oh look! Illinois scum petitioning on behalf of an imprisoned member of the political class. Shocking, eh? I am sure this has no bearing on their own conduct… “Instead, they wrote that the nation’s highest court should hear his appeal to ‘distinguish the lawful solicitation and donation of campaign contributions from criminal violations of federal extortion, bribery, and fraud laws.’ ” Man, I hate Illinois Nazis politicians.
  2. Citizen – you are too expensive for the State to maintain….report to the nearest disintegration chamber in your sector! This is what the Berniebots want to bring to the US.
  3. Cis-hetero White Male Privilege! BELIEVEHER# … of course, it looks like certain colleagues do believe her…and he looks to be toast.
  4. Tsar Vladimir I, right?

Enjoy the links…or not. Say, I wonder if I can pop outside, find a rock or two and fling them at those Hate Birds, The Birds That Hate?