Most of Swiss Servator’s in-box…

Working between Christmas and New Year’s is a double edged sword. On one the side, it is not busy and you can swill coffee and surf the net, waiting for something, anything to come in to the ol’ in-box. On the other side…you can only drink so much coffee and take only so many “I am out of the office until January 2nd, you fool…you thought you would get in touch with anyone at this time of year?!” auto-replies to my emails.

So I begged Brett to do the Afternoon Links – so as to be able to say I did something today, other than drink coffee and go stir crazy. He was kind enough to let me do so…

  • The Mouse has a new hotel policy that guarantees no libertarian will stay there;

Along with the new term comes a policy that requires Disney cast members to enter each hotel room at least once a day to “ensure guest safety,” according to a report by Walt Disney World News Today.

Before the policy, a “Do Not Disturb” sign would signal for employees to bypass the room. But now, Disney says that “the hotel and its staff reserve the right to enter your room for any purpose including, but not limited to, performing maintenance and repairs or checking on the safety and security of guests and property.”

  • Hope you got your look at GIANT NYC PAINTED DONG. It got covered. Be sure to read the whole thing, for some real, authentic frontier derp (i.e. The New Allen told CBS2 the Broome Street mural cost about $10,000 to produce, including grants from the Swedish government.)
  • Straffinrun got me looking for Japanese language news…TOO LATE, LOOKS LIKE ITS TIME TO LEARN ENGLISH!!!!
  • We at wish to offer you some helpful New Year’s Eve advice.


Now go do, that comment voodoo, that you do…so well!