Jeez, talk about a light sports night.  I’m sure that has a few of you super-stoked.  But I’ll cover it anyway: Everton finally won a Europa League match, although its too little-too late for Big Sam’s boys (even though he wasn’t at the match). They’re 3-0 since he was hired. That’ll be 3-1 after the Liverpool derby this Sunday. Arsenhole also won in the JV competition.  In cricket, the English media are all but giving up on the Ashes series after their guys fell into s 2-0 hole to the Aussies. And in basketball, Purdue was the only ranked team in action, and they won handily.

Nine games on the ice last night, even though everybody’s mind seems to be on the Olympics.  The Bruins mauled the Coyotes. The Penguins skated past the Islanders.  The Flames burned Les Canadiens in OT. The Lightning struck the Avalanche. The Panthers grounded the Jets. The Blues made the Stars weep. The Flyers soared past the Canucks. The Kings trumped the Senators. And the Sharks swam past the Hurricanes.  (I had no more quips in me, so thank God there wasn’t a tenth game.)

OK, that’s it for sports.  Here come…the links!

Arizona Republican legislator Trent Franks the latest to resign in sexual harassment scandal. This one is weird, and if there’s no more to the story than what’s being reported, I’m not sure this is harassment of a sexual nature.  Weird, sure. But sexual? Not really.

Brexit baby, Brexit!

Brexit talks, which were looking tenuous at best, appear to have had a breakthrough and are looking like they might be back on track. I still don’t see what the problem is. Set up a border between Ireland and Northern Ireland and call it a day. It worked for a century just fine

Cold-blooded murderer walks free. It’s good to be one of the king’s men. (TW: graphic stuff. I’m serious, this is some really fucked up shit and unless you want to get a raging urge to go on a rampage, you may not want to watch.)

Cold-blooded killer and his lawyer

Apparently the Chicago Public Schools are being run by a real shitbird. That would explain why Rahm said he fully supported him yesterday.

If you run the FBI, IRS, DOJ, work for the feds or apparently run the Chicago Public Schools, you can lie under oath with impunity. If you do it in traffic court in Atlanta, you will go to jail.

Bernie! and wife.

Bernie Sanders’s wife, who is looking more and more like a younger version of Mrs Fratelli from The Goonies every day, is still under federal investigation and the feds are interviewing witnesses. I wonder why they never mention that when he gets on the air over at MSNBC or CNN.

And I finish with a little bit of good news.

Get to work!

Have a great day and a better weekend, friends!