If these seem rushed, it’s because I’ve got to freeze my nipples off and drive to work this morning. Sloopy, on the other hand, is relaxing on a beach chair in Bali, drinking a cocktail out of a coconut-shaped cup with a paper umbrella.

Just from the headline, you know where this one is going. I note the after he left the Pittsburgh area, he moved to Florida, which seems fitting. Named his daughter “Lyric,” which I guess is the wypipo version of L’aQuan.

Another news story where I hate everyone. Obama, please go away. Trump, please shut up. British royals, get a fucking job and stop sponging.


I’ve got a great idea! If we have trouble counting votes, let’s figure out a way to shovel money at lawyers.

They left off the 11th thing: make it easy for “law enforcement” to spy on you. No way that shit is coming into our house.

And by the way, you people disappointed me in the movie thread yesterday- not one mention of Polyester.

OK, now your turn to suffer: Old Guy Music.