Hey, guys. Sounds like somebody has a case of the “Mondays”! **finger guns** Me, I have to get on a plane tonight and be out in the world for a couple of days for work. Which sucks. I actually have to groom. Apparently, my work-from-home look is a little too close to “why is there a bum in our lobby?”. Also, let us all wish the Sloopster good luck in his auction tomorrow. May his crowd be full of people who are flush with money and bad at value.

Florida Woman sentenced to five years in prison for tax fraud. Based on some family experience, I can say that this is about the going rate in FL.

FBI gives the ATF list of 4000 people who should not own guns because of mental instability, violent criminal offenses, tells them “good luck and please go get those guns back. Hopefully not one bullet at time, brass separate.”

I take exception to Sen. Grassley’s characterization that money spent on alcohol or in the company of a certain type of woman is “blown”. Also, if I’ve spent $5M on booze and the type of woman who will hang out with me for money, I’m probably going to die pretty horribly of cirrhosis.

This is about enough money to buy a pack of gum. If there were any gum.

This is my favorite take on the Venezuelan crypto-currencyGovernment-Run Digital Currencies Could Disrupt U.S. Dominance. Just like Venezuela has created millionaires by debasing their paper currency.

You know who else was a finalist for Time’s Person of the Year?

Name the missing item in the links.