May I have your attention, please.

I’d like to direct your eyes to the right left hand side of your screen where you will see that in addition to the “back to top” arrow, we now have a “go to bottom” arrow. It should work on your mobile devices, as well as on the desktop version of the site.

Those of you using the excellent site enhancements of Monocle, brought to you by trshmnstr and greasonable, already have some great features.

However, for those of us using unsupported desktop browsers or mobile devices, this will make it easier to pretend we’re not reading the site during meetings, as we won’t have to scroll forever after hitting refresh. I had hoped that perhaps all you glibs would just stop being so darn long-winded and the pages would get shorter, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. 😉

Some other improvements have been made behind-the-scenes, but this is the only one that matters to you folks!