After the last couple of weeks at work, sometimes I wonder about the wisdom of my career choices. But I never wonder about YOU, our loyal and highly perverted crew. So that’s what drives me to get up before the crack of dawn on weekends and compile stories that I hope will stimulate, titillate, asseverate, and infuriate, accompanied by Borscht Belt-style one-liner.

And we have a decent crop to work with today.

Every day, I read the latest story about how THIS TIME, this is the end of the Trump administration. Yeah, yeah, we said the same thing yesterday, but THIS TIME is the real one where he has to vacate the White House and somehow turn it over to Clinton or something. Well, THIS TIME is the thing that will do it– when towering and respected intellects of this order speak, the revolution is certainly here.


If you needed proof of the antisemitism that permeates the White House, look no further. I’m sure they’re already building the ovens.


I can’t imagine why people think that the mainstream news media is filled with partisan incompetence.


This is so very much something I’d do. And I promise you, it would be the best meal they ever served there.

“I give all the credit to my old friend vodka,” Bowen said.


I would also likely do this if somehow I were ever actually allowed to be on a jury.

Berman noted that the juror said during the jury selection process prior to the start of opening statements this week that in his spare time he likes to sleep.


OK, that was the sugar, now the medicine: Old Guy Music! I make no secret about my deep admiration for Peter Green, the (((guy))) who was the core of Fleetwood Mac when they were still good. And I love Leo Kottke. Kottke’s collaborations with Mike Gordon from Phish are the reasons that bongs were invented. Now let’s put it all together!