Dr. Fu Manchu for Mayor

This is the world globalists want!

“Green Lives Matter” – Yes, our Border Patrol actually believes this shit.

Earlier this week, President Trump delivered his second annual speech concerning his administration’s national security strategy. In it, Trump presented a Manichean world, in which America’s cultural, economic, and military hegemony must be maintained at all costs against an insidious Asiatic peril that consists of the combined forces of Cathay and the Volga Tartar. While it is encouraging to finally see recognition of the fact that “history” is far from over, with Trump specifically, and without obfuscation, declaring Russia and China as “rival” nations of which “protection” of a nebulously defined American economic interest is a prerequisite for “cooperation,” one is forced to inquire in what essential way does Trump’s national security policy deviate from the zero-sum Weltanschauung of the neoconservatives?

After all, it was Trump’s putative national security and foreign policies that were the banner Rockwellians held aloft, front and center, when declaring a ‘libertarian case for Trump’. Instead, the bill of goods sold to libertarians by Bannon, Gorka, Miller, et alia was merely the The Project for a New American Century covered with a lamina of  mercantilistic trade protectionism. Thus, what we have now is a mandate to para-militarize our borders to serve the triple purposes of escalating the Wars on Drugs, Terrorism, and Illegal Immigration; increased federal spending to defense and infrastructure cronies; going all-in on the Israeli position in the Middle East, the provision of arms to Ukraine, and continued support for adventures abroad to “confront, discredit, and defeat radical Islamic terrorism and ideology.” As we have learned on Monday, there is no meaningful distinction between the Trump administration’s strategy and the six major articles of the Wolfowitz Doctrine.

Considering that this is the time of year when two and a half billion Christians gather in their homes and places of worship to herald the arrival of whom they believe to be the world’s savior, I suggest that we also take time to acknowledge the birth of a new “king” – Neoyokelservatism, and may wise men present it with three gifts: derision, opprobrium, and rebuke.



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