Hey guys, I am back from a work trip. I loved getting a real Tex-Mex fix in the Metroplex, but I was working in Irving, so it was all blue and silver stars and Rangers gear. Blech. Someone else can have all of that. Also, DFW Airport looks like it got left behind in the Great Airport Upgrade. Also, I left my car keys with the TSA at Tampa International, so I’ll be going back by there in a little while to pick them up (and my car).

You know who else from Germany wanted to create a United Europe?

Paging Mr. Lizard. There has been a break in containment in Washington.

This is one of the most dangerous things in modern America. These people need to be summarily fired and fined.

It turns out that being forced to achieve an erection and masturbate in front of police is not a legal 4A search. In fact, sexual abuse of a minor under color of law appears to also be one of the very few holes in Qualified Immunity.

This looks like bullshit to me.

You guys have ruined my Youtube recommendations.