If yesterday was “meh”, today is ….uninspired. The very brief sports note – There apparently was some sort of gang warfare in Ohio…it was disguised as an NFL game between the Bengals and the Stillers (PA spelling). We are still awaiting the final body count. Oh, and every team I like still sucks and is mired in losing.

So, on to the links;

  • Remember, only the benevolent hand of government can take care of you! Otherwise we would all be living in some Dickensian work house asking for more gruel.
  • OK, there is brash…and there is BRASH. Anyone check the usual bat-sh#t crazy feminist sites for coverage of this?
  • Theresa May continues to race Angela Merkel for title of Most Blundering European Leader.
  • Wow, thanks AP – I would have never guessed any of this!
  • Ah, the sound of silence.

OK, since I don’t do music links – could you, dear commenters, post something musical to wish sloopy good luck for today? How about that, Swiss Servator asking for OT links! Wait, or since I asked for them, it isn’t OT… whatever, just wish him luck.