What I learned this year is that my kids have a truly embarrassing amount of stuff, and are spoiled little shits about it. I think next year, I am limiting family to one gift for each, plus what Santa brings. And finding some sort of volunteer activity to do. I have good kids, and Monday was the first time I’ve been sad to watch them be themselves. How did you Glibs with older/adult children get them through the “MINE!” stage of the holidays?

I know this went up in the comments earlier, but I can’t miss out on a big, old purple-veined dick joke.

Vegas can be rough on cougars.

This is probably of interest to our kind of people. (Not: Rand (Ayn or Paul), Gold Standard, Colloidal Silver, 27th Trimester Abortion)

I hear it helps with nausea… more pregnant women turn to Mary Jane. (Misleading headline. It just says more pregnant women are using it.)


A nice little strumming song for your Wednesday.