The Pro Bowl selections are out. No real surprises on the list. Early signing day today for college football. Let’s see if the Buckeyes maintain their staggering lead for top recruiting class. College basketball produced nothing but ranked winners last night. The Lane Train kept rolling for FAU in the Something Something Something Boca Raton Bowl. And hockey winners were: Detroit, Toronto, the NY Rangers, the MINNESOOOOODA WIIIIIILD, the Bruins, the Jets, the Crapitals, the Panthers, les Canadiens and Las Vegas.

“What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on here?”  I’ll tell you what’s going on here, Mr Taggert. Its called…the links!

Well yesterday was relatively quiet. Nothing really big happened except for the tax bill vote, which literally killed 30 million people, it is being reported by sources close to the matter.

Tax Bill almost through!

And not only that, but there’s this as well. These people will probably be in the street if the GOP get through another tax cut. Then where would our nation be, huh?  Fucking lazy ass grifters. Read and see (emphasis mine):

To earn a salary, Mike Vincent, 32, works as a graduate student assistant at the University of Florida, a position that guarantees nine months of work, as he completes his doctoral degree in musicology. His wife, Rebecca Pethes, was unable to secure a similar job this year to supplement her own graduate degree, so the couple has struggled to raise their 1-year-old child, Isobel, on Mr. Vincent’s annual salary — $16,000 for nine months, $18,000 if he can finagle an extra semester of work.

I don’t know what it means to pay taxes on a normal income,” he said. “I can’t even imagine making that much money right now.”


In pursuing a political science degree, Ms. Hernandez, 29, a Mexican-American whose grandmother has a third-grade degree, is defying what statistics say is possible. She recalled one congressional aide who forthrightly told her that “people elect to go to graduate school.”

“It’s an elective degree for some people — like white men, those who come from wealthy backgrounds,” Ms. Hernandez said. “But for people like me, it’s not an elective degree; it’s a struggle, not just for me but for my community. We have to get these degrees because we need to make it more normal for us to be in these fields and be at the table.”

Its assholes all around!  These people should be the poster children for abolishing the tax deduction for grad students. And for abolishing any sort of loan forgiveness for people with an advanced degree in anything other than a STEM field.  Also noticeably absent from the article were those STEM students bitching. Instead we get musicology majors and poli-sci griefer assholes. (H/T to OMWC)

I’m a journalist. Take me seriously!!!

 Stupid host with terrible agent works for an agreed-upon amount for a decade. Then quits for the wrong reason instead of firing her piss-poor representation. Stunning and brave!

If you think for a second that “safety” was the reason these were put in, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. This was just another money-grab by greedy assholes.

 I’m sorry, but there’s no way this chick is getting off.  Thanks, Florida. Never change.

Rememeber Debbie Wasserman-Shitforbrains’s kick-ass IT staff? Looks like they were in the car business as well. And by “car business”, I mean the money-laundering business. And that idiot gave them her laptop passwords and access to basically all of the classified information she had access to.

The EU is saying Brexit will be completed by 2020. Which probably leaves time for something else to delay it forever while the country is flooded with more euros and “refugees” that will manage to secure another vote to stop it. Because elections really don’t have consequences when the losers hold a nation hostage in the aftermath.

 We must do our (Christmas) alma mater!

Hump day for some, the last workday before Christmas for others.  Either way, make it a good one.