Well, the thermometer finally got off of -1 degree…all the way up to 0. *narrows gaze at weather station*

I had one errand to run today and got the post-Christmas clean up finished this morning, otherwise it is a hide in blankets, with coffee and Bailey’s day for me. I can hear the snorts of disgust at my weakness from the Minnesoda and Montana and Dakotas Glibs …

So, I offer you Links as absolution:

  • Trumputin punishes our poor, selfless civil servants in DC, once again. That doesn’t look very swampy drain-y to me, Cheeto Mussolini!!!!!
  • King says, “don’t leave my kingdom.”
  • Um….when I was in the US Army, I was vaccinated against anthrax. I am not sure it means what the headline hints at.
  • You can’t spell “Untied” without “United“.

OK, time to crawl back under the blanket on the couch.