Wow, its good to be back. I got to wrangle the kids all by myself last week and there was a whole lot less poop than I expected. Lots of crying, but I think 4 and 2 are just dramatic ages. Swiss and OMWC took good care of you guys while I was gone.

Sometimes you just have to say Phuket, run naked through the airport and throw shit (literally) at people.

If they have to find 12 non-racist jurors to convict minorities, there’s gonna be a lot of overturned death penalty convictions in GA.

The disappearing sideline reporter in Houston is now found, and showing all the signs of a delusional break with reality. I had a friend almost 15 years ago now who would quit taking his downers, get spun up on a bipolar manic episode and have shit like this happen. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s my experience.

Lots of people shooting their eyes out! (SFW) Air rifles are blamed, but the time period and age cohort lend themselves to the rise of paintball and airsoft.

I got a one-track mind.