I know we want an “authentic” work environment, here at the office. But I didn’t realize that meant “The Alps in Winter”.

TPS Reports?!

At least 7 engineers, HVAC mavens (and one beat down rep from the architect) have trooped around our work area, trying to figure out what to do about the permafrost on our floor and icicles hanging from the ceiling tiles. For some reason they won’t listen to my Napalm suggestion. Wimps.

But enough of my trivial problems. We have some Links to get to!

  • I was actually quite disappointed in this. I mean, come on, how can you see “Bomb Cyclone” and not think “Follow up to the Sharknado movies?!” Bah.
  • Further evidence of the superiority of socialized medicine!
  • I am not sure I agree with number 3. But a casus belli is a casus belli.
  • That is quite enough cold…how about a little fire? “But scanner reports said it was a bedroom fire and has been extinguished.” I expect PRIME snark from all of you about this one.

**Bonus sports/legislative trolling link!** (h/t SugarFree)