Have I got a deal for you!

@#$% someone decided the very end of Friday would be a good time to schedule some vendors to come in and tap dance for us…”Buy our services, and you will ascend straight into PARADISE!” Ah…no. Waiting for that, I did have time to prepare some links..So I will try not to narrow my gaze at them the whole time. As for you lot…since I won’t be around to read the comments, I will just give you all a nice general *NARROWS GAZE* in advance.

  • Are we sure this wasn’t a SEA SMITH incident? Eh, probably not, as there wasn’t any rape reported. Maybe he was just having an off day?
  • You know who else was an elected leader who looked to the East?
  • Sit down, everyone. I have a shocking story about things not really being all above board…in the Chicago Police Department!!!! DUN DUN DUHHHHH!!!!!!!! *cue gasping and fainting*
  • Who among us hasn’t shot off a couple of fireworks…into traffic. While drunk.

You enjoy and snark away, while I try not to strangle any co-workers or vendors.


Oh…one more thing. All of you missed it this morning. Sloopy put this up:

What am I?

None of you guessed right (and he was willing to lead you on). The Swastika isn’t meant for viewers on the outside – it is a Nazi hackenkreutz…for the one INSIDE the can! It belonged to trshmnstr’s evil twin.

Oskar der Griesgram!