I can’t believe I’ve made it to the end of this week. Its been a journey, to say the least.  I’m working on another auction, but this one is an old bar/ice house and then someone’s house that the personal property has been taken over to the bar. And let’s just say that the guy’s tastes are…eclectic. I’ve got gas pumps from the 30s, several hundred unopened Matchbox cars from the 60s and 70s, video poker machines, a dozen pedal cars from the 40s-60s, pieces of coal from the Titanic, a Nazi trash can, a baseball card signed by Mantle and DiMaggio, a million old metal beer and gas/oil signs (one a Texaco sign that’s 108″ wide!), about 50 neon beer signs, a perfectly restored Coke machine from the 30s and a Seeburg Trashcan jukebox, and a 1955 chevy truck chassis.  What a mix. And I’ve still got a shitload of work to do.

I have to find a way to get rid of one of those lots, because there’s no way in hell I’m gonna auction it off.

Arizona, Gonzaga and Wichita State all won, while Arizona State continued fading fast and Clemson fell to NC State. And in the Big Ten, Ohio State kept kicking ass by thumping Maryland.In hockey, the Sabres, Hurricanes and Flames won. And in the NFL, LeVeon Bell doesn’t understand the CBA he agreed to play under.  Well, that or he understands it but is willing to retire rather than make $14M a year under it.  Either way, he picked a hell of a week to start bitching.

That’s all for sports (and my personal anecdote about work. Let’s talk about other things for a while in…the links!

Totally not a shithole, you racist jerk!

Trump asks a legitimate question in an inarticulate way. I wonder the reaction if he’d have said “why can’t we be like 99% of the rest of the world, and have a merit-based immigration system?” instead of calling nations with corrupt governments, completely failing education systems, policies and systems largely incompatible with ours, and large percentages of their people requiring extensive handouts “shitholes”?

There’s nothing wrong with having a side business, but I’m not too sure about this one. Though, tbh, unless it violates the contract they signed with the people paying for their primary services, I fail to see why its any of the FBI’s business.

Speaking of government agencies who exceed their authority, the TSA are doing retarded-ass shit again. Not that they ever stopped or even slowed down. I just wanted to point out their retardation…as well as what appears to be a fairly attractive young lady.

Bella Thorne shows her ass (not in the good way for those of you who might find her vacant expression or other assets attractive), and Rob Lowe promptly puts his boot up it.  I mean…damn, girl! You might want to sit twitter out for a while.

Jon Gruden is already making waves in California. (No, this doesn’t belong in the sports section.)

The new Raiders coach on his way to work.

Talk about bad timing. But that’s ok. He’ll probably get elected since the district he’s in charge of is doing so well.

And lastly, maybe our resident vampire-hunter can shed a little light on this. Because its new to me.

Here you go. Enjoy it the entire time you’re reading the rest of the links.

Have a great Friday, and get the weekend off to a good start, friends.