Come all who love friendship, and wonder and see,

The belligerent powers, like good neighbours agree,

A little time past Sirs, who would have thought this,

That they’d so soon come to a general P___?


The wise politicians who differ in thought,

Will fret at this friendship, and call it to nought,

And blades that love war will be storming at this,

But storm as they will, it’s a general P___.


A hundred millions in war we have spent,

And America lost by all patriots consent,

Yet let us be quite, nor any one hiss,

But rejoice at this hearty and general P___.


‘Tis vain for to fret or growl at our lot,

You see they’re determin’d to fill us a pot,

So now my brave Britons excuse me in this,

that I for a Peace am oblig’d to write Piss.