Its a holiday for my kids, which means it has been no picnic for my wife and I today. I hope you had an excellent day and your employer did not expect you to labor.

It looks like the Cranberries are out a vocalist unless she comes back a zombie, but at least she didn’t linger.

I’m going to guess that Florida Man had something to do with this: Fire on a boat.

Falcon Heavy is supposed to static fire again today after a launch pad problem last week caused them to scrub after a full fueling. I’ve got the lube and tissues ready. (TW: Autoplay)

Huh, an app that tracks fertility for contraception is being blamed for a rise in pregnancy. Who could have seen this would be less effective than chemical/mechanical contraception?

I guess we’ll do an In Memorium song.


With Brett’s kind indulgence…Swiss Servator adds: Read this – see how far we have come, see how we have failed.