Monday? Is it still only Monday? I worked until about 3am (to be fair, I didn’t really get fired up until 8pm) and was up getting kids ready before 6:00. I think it’s Monday, and I hope this is the Glibertarians Afternoon Links slot. If this is the company wiki, I’m about to be out of a jerb.

Dems realize that nobody gives a shit that the Federal Government “closed”, agree to end closure. My neighbors across the street just had a baby last week and grandma got an extra day with her daughter and new grandson out of this.

I was rooting for this ending

This is pretty much everything I think about the modern US Navy. It’s a long way from “We’ll cross a frozen river on Christmas to kill you in your sleep.”*

*Technically not the Navy, but given that material…

Oh joy, Wonder Woman 2… THAT’S NOT FUNNY!! (may not be the actual subtitle). As someone pointed out, the first movie was basically Captain America, pushed back a war — probably to prevent a lawsuit — with a woman so beautiful that she lowers male IQ 30 points and men didn’t care. I don’t know if that’s going to work for a second feature-length film

Since we have lots of cooking nerds and history nerds, here is a nerd who recreates historical food.


This is basically what my head has sounded like all day.