Playoff football is worth covering, no?  Well I’m covering it either way.  The Rams got shut down at home by the Falcons. (Just a little over a week after the team they share a stadium with got curb-stomped by the Buckeyes in Dallas, by the way.) Tennessee held on the beat the Chefs in a wild game.  In Sunday action, the Saints did everything they could to blow their game against the Panthers, but we were still given the gift of Cam Newton crying when it was over. And there Jacksonville Jaguars outlasted the Buffalo Bills in a horrible game that, according to a lone Jags player, was filled with racial slurs. I’m sure that’s the first time Ngakoue was exposed to nasty language on the field, if it happened.  I hope he’s able to get over it by the time they roll into Pittsburgh.

Incognito mode activated

In hoops action, Miami topped FSU in a clash of ranked opponents. Arizona State got off the schnide. Cincinnati won. Wichita State rolled. And lastly, Ohio State took down the top-ranked Michigan State Spartans in their first big win in a couple of years at least. Plenty of good hockey played, and your winners yesterday were the Islanders, Flyers, Crapitals, Blackhawks, Jets, Blue Jackets, les Canadiens, Lightning, Penguins and Las Vegas.

In the world of cricket, Australia ran riot over England and finished the Ashes with another thrashing of their guests from Limetree Island.  The series ended 4-0, with the hosts claiming the cup back. And in soccer news, the world was stunned thrilled when Arsenhole, the defending champs, were knocked out of the competition in the third round.  Aside from a few draws, most of the big name squads are through to the fourth round draw. Chelsea will have to do a replay and “we’re fucking Milwall” are through. And Liverpool took care of their crosstown rivals but broke many hearts this weekend as they sealed the deal to ship Coutinho to Barcelona for a record fee.

Big sports update there. If you don’t like it, feel free to bitch about it after you read…the links!

A BBC news editor has quit her post over the gender pay gap. Good for her, standing up and making all kinds of noise after walking out on the contract she had signed and the salary she agreed to during negotiations.  I’m sure this will help her with any other network she seeks employment from, as it will do likewise for her most vocal supporters.  But the pay gap is a serious issue, right? I mean, even in the world of non-profits it seems to be quite a serious issue. (What’s sadder: the hypocrisy or the inability of that little rat-faced fuck to count?)

At least one of these women has defended a convicted child rapist

Oprah brought the house down in a searing Golden Globes speech. Way to go, O! You finally put into words what every single person in that room refused to acknowledge during several decades of persistent and ongoing sexual abuse, tit-for-tat, harassment and other shenanigans. Those applauding were so brave for taking a stand against the things they knew had been happening forever but said nothing. I hope the rest of America takes notice of these brave souls who are now speaking out when its easy and hip to voice your opinion on the creeps they all sucked up to when they knew the abuse was actually taking place.

Only in Florida. Well, that or wherever that dude who played Chekov in the Star Trek movies lived.

Trump says he’s open to the possibility of talks with North Korea. This after the Little Rocket Man begged the SoKo government to let his country benefit a little from the Winter Olympics (when, oddly enough, nobody ever profits from them), and began to slowly walk back from his threats once the Americal president called his bluff.

That’s not got 50 stars on it, so…whatever.

The Iranian government doubles down against the west.  I guess they never got the memo on never going full retard.  Because this borders on full retard.

The NAACP says some members will be protesting President Trump appearing at a college football exhibition game tonight in Atlanta. They said his presence there is “a terrible decision and is disrupting the game”.  I’ll be sure to scour through their history for similar statements when the last guy in the WH went to sporting events.  Because if the NAACP is known for anything, its in their consistency of how they treated Obama relative to the other people who held the same office but with considerably less melanin while doing so.

I gotta give Elon Musk credit where its due: Space X seems to be doing well.  Of course, its mostly busy due to the failed NASA programs, but its still always nice to see the market solving problems that government seems to screw up with regularity.

Here you go.

Stay warm. Stay dry. And have a good start to your week, friends!