Sorry, Minnesodans. It was a good run, but that was a tough way for it to end.  And sorry to the rest of the decent, God-fearing people out there in America that will likely end up seeing the Patriots win another Super Bowl on the heels of Bama winning another CFP Playoff.  Just more proof that Satan does, in fact, exist and that he is ever-watchful and playing his fucked up games on mankind.

Djoker man got bounced down under, as Federer cruised and American Tennys (that’s not a typo, btw) Sandgren upset Dominic Thiem and Limey Kyle Edmund topped Italian Andreas Seppi. On the Women’s side, three of the top 4 are in the quarterfinals, joined by Madison Keys, who will face Angelique Kerber in that round.

Not much else happened in the sports world, really. Ah fuck it. We all know plenty happened. I’m just too depressed to go into it after the Jags collapse yesterday (with the help of some convenient PI calls one way and no-calls the other). So I’m done with sports for the day. And I’l throw my energies at…the links!

And her, right over there!. Daddy assaulted her too.

The homeless problem in America is getting out of control. Sad, really, that he didn’t think to install some doors he could use to lock himself into his house when he was installing the locks he could activate to keep women in his office.

After the Democrats killed the 1 am vote overnight, Senate GOP leaders have set a noon vote to reopen government. Team Blue leaders have said there’s no deal in place and will likely attempt to prevent from happening again.  I breathlessly await the myriad news stories lamenting the shutdown that’s being caused by the Democrat Party’s refusal to allow the vote to get to the floor.

Many California Democrat lawmakers are not fans of the business tax breaks (that many, many companies are sharing with their employees and customers). And their solution is to take half of the money away from those companies…or convince them its time to leave the Golden State for a place that actually wants their businesses instead of the tax money they can loot from them.

Its good to be the king. Or even a mayor who, for some reason, needed to rack up $46,000 in airfares…just to run his city government.  Don’t worry though. Its not just the airfares. He also makes sure to keep the hotel staff on its toes at the ritziest spots in the places he travels to, going so far as to stay at the W Hotel in San Francisco to the tune of $919 a night.  Hey, I wonder what the odds are that he bitches and complains about the government shutdown sometime today? Because, you know, there is nothing left to cut in the bloated federal budget, or even the city budget he presides over that can’t even get companies to safely invest in the bonds issued to keep the pension plans afloat.

This man deserves to travel like royalty. Because “fuck you, Chicagoans”, that’s why.

T. Boone Pickens calling it quits. I blame global warming.

And last but not least, and with a hat tip to commenter Chafed, I bring you what will be the most under-reported on political scandal of the year. And to accomplish that feat, that means it would merely have to not be plastered all over the front pages of every newspaper for weeks on end, which it definitely deserves.  But I’m pretty sure this will fall well short of even that, and will be lucky to get so much as a mention on Fox News, let alone any other major outlets on tv or much of the print media.  The fact that The Hill put it on their opinion pages, when the information being reported on is a matter of public record now, tells me everything I need to know about the seriousness of the dickheads reporting on the matter.  The Obama Administration made the Nixon gang look like pikers. And unless those with oversight, and that includes the media in my opinion, treat their abuses with the seriousness they deserve, it will be to the everlasting detriment of our nation.

Sorry to end those links on such a downer. but This Damn Nation has me pissed off today.

::takes deep breath…repeats “serenity now” 100 times…exhales::

I’m ok now. And I hope you are too.  Forget about the assholes I listed above and have a great start to your week.