Happy New Year, Glibs!

Just wanted to point out a couple new site features, in case you haven’t noticed them.

1. I’ve added a Recipe Submission form that can be found on the top navigation menu on desktop version, and toward the bottom of the menu on mobile. We’ve been talking about creating a Glibertarians.com cookbook; this is the first step in gathering recipes so they can be formatted consistently. I’m planning on also creating a section of the site to house all the recipes.

2. The Search function has been changed to index comments, in addition to posts. Be aware that because we have over 406,000 comments (so far), it may take a little while to search and searching for very common terms might result in a gateway timeout. Try to be as specific as you can for best results.

3. The GlibFit posts will be found by going to the obviously-named GlibFit category. I’ve added a link in the footer menu for easy access since the posts will be quickly pushed off the front page.

That’s it for now!