It’s just about the last Sunday of football (with, we hope, two interesting games), SP and I are celebrating an anniversary in style (fondue and a 30 year old Vouvray), and there’s all sorts of news of the weird. Let’s run down a few examples of the last:

One gratifying change in news coverage of the soi disant “shutdown”: the media are actually treating “shutdown theater” as the stupid symbolism that it is. Could a tiny bit of the cynicism that led most of us to libertarianism be infecting the Fourth Estate? I dearly hope so. Would it be sustainable in a Team Blue-controlled government? Not a chance. Nonetheless, “shutdown theater” is, once again, in full swing.

If any of us little people were under court order to preserve evidence and we “accidentally” destroyed it, what do you think would happen? Look up “spoliation of evidence” to see. But what if you’re the NSA? Think that negative inference and jail time for contempt will hit any of their officials? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! On any of the issues that matter, we once again have proof that there’s no fucking difference between Team Red and Team Blue, it’s all Team Leviathan.

Yesterday, we were treated to the latest versions of the amusingly pointless Women’s March. And delightfully (at least for those of us with healthy doses of misanthropy), the Peoples’ Judean Front has a problem with the Peoples’ Front for Judea.

You know what never gets old? Florida Man stories. And this one might be my all-time favorite.

Important Medical News that everyone must share with their SO. Unless your SO is your right hand, in which case, never mind.

Complete non-sequitur: I heard a discussion on the radio a few days ago about the Best Sports Movie of All Time. The usual suspects were brought forth, but no-one mentioned mine. So I’ll throw it out here because it’s timely: It Happens Every Spring. Discuss.

No-one is safe from Old Man music. NO-ONE. And this week, we’re talkin’ flugelhorn and scat by the very best at both.