Teuful? Damonen? Zerstoren? All of the above? She like to chew, and chew she will. Daddy spends at least $5-10 a week on chew toys and dental treats to keep her occupied, but it’s not enough for a Teuful. Bella will take those treats down like a baby bunny–rope, rawhide, nothing gets in her way, and she loves her milk jugs. She has two speeds: sleep mode and haul ass chasing the kittah through the house mode. At 11 months, she sleeps like a teenager. Ten, twelve, fourteen hours a day! Slime dog.

So, last night after a nice Glib/beer evening, I’m awakened at 1:30 AM by my screaming wife. I wake and wonder WTF? I look down to see my bed scattered with money and credit cards. Vom Teufelhund Zerstort!

Beside my main credit/debit card, she chewed my Microsoft, EPA and AMA cards, as well as Bevmo and other cards. Oddly, she didn’t eat any of the $400+ I had in my wallet. (And btw, we never found the wallet*.) Since I caught her in the act, I beat her, as far as Daddy can swat his baby girl, but she knew and it scared her. (I popped her on the ass and put her out back for 30 minutes. Tough love…?)

She eats too much people food, mostly meat, but she is a potato chip addict. She’ll do tricks for chips, crazy pup.

Bella is a huge task, but she is real good therapy for Momma and me too, and damn, she purty! She’s the last dog I’ll ever own, and Stumpy and I treat her like gold. Truly a great Hund.

*I’ll be looking as I pick up the poop, interesting what comes out…………..