Happy Thursday everyone. This will be my last links of the week as I am attending a nuptials tomorrow afternoon. Given the invite list, I think it is safe to say that I am going to be encouraged to drink heavily after the ceremony. And perhaps before and during! And then my beautiful wife is turning 29 (again!) on Saturday. So, I’m basically mailing it in from here on out. Starting with the links!

As a “libertarian”, I’m not sure I’m in favor of any more government “control” than they already have, but I do admire this congressman’s idea that the US in more in need of “idiot control” than another gun law.

Mr. Lizard left his orbital shuttle out of the garage for one day…

Britain begins to feel its way towards the proud pan-European tradition of holding referendums until they get a vote they like, then quitting.

Listen, buddy, don’t fuck up the commute because you’re an idiot. Pick a less disruptive form of autodarwination.

Florida Man gets a new, faster ride. For when you absolutely, positively have to get to your meth dealer in minutes.

What happens when a country boy drops acid?