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The days are getting longer, thank God. But the work never seems to get done. At least that’s how the people at the Fritz Pollard Alliance feel.  After all, a person looking for a problem everywhere is likely never done working until they’re planted in the ground.  And seriously, the Raiders have always been out ahead of things on the diversity front. Maybe pick another target next time, eh?

By the way, that still counts as sports. So do these results in college basketball: Duke won, Michigan State bounced back after Ohio State crushed them over the weekend, Villanova thumped Xavier, Texas upset TCU, and Louisville upset Florida State, which means…hooker party in the players dorm!!!

Only two games on the ice last night. The Senators took down the Maple Leafs and the Minnesooooda WIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLDDDD snuck past the Blackhawks.  I guess they wish they had a few of those goals back from last night.

Across the pond, Chelski and Arsenhole played to a lifeless, goalless draw in the first leg of their League (read: JV) Cup semifinal.

No more sports for you. Mainly because nothing else is going on. So I’ll just move on into…the links!

The Republican Governor of Missouri is in a bit of a pickle. But he says he never blackmailed the lady he had an affair with a couple years ago. Either way, I thought the non-famous person was supposed to blackmail the politician, not the other way around. Meh, live and learn.

If image is everything, then our country is on the right track.

James Franco being…James Franco.

Is James Franco the next Hollywood star that’s going down for sexual assault/misconduct? The number of women accusing him of such has reached five in just a few days.

I don’t usually like to spread rumors, but I’ll go ahead and share this one, because I believe that we will hit $80 a barrel oil very soon. But don’t expect Venezuela to be the recipient of those profits. Much of the increase will happen because their wells will be offline.

Huh-huh. Nice rack, California.

The California government is poised to fuck up on the “clean energy” front once more. Its like words don’t even have meaning to those morons.

Here is great music.

Get out there and enjoy your day!