Who is the nicest Glib you know? Is it…Sloopy? Or maybe Brett L? We can automatically rule out HM, Swiss, SugarFree, and OMWC. Maybe jesse.in.mb or Riven.

But, no, the answer is obvious. It’s me! Everybody else seems to be doing things that are “more important” than providing links and free-for-all commenting to you, our loyal Glibertariat. I, however, place your finite pleasures above all else.

Blocked by passwords, FBI can’t unlock over half of devices seized as evidence. “A senior FBI official said the share of devices that couldn’t be opened is the highest yet. ‘It’s a problem that keeps getting worse,’ the official said.” I don’t know about you, but that seems like a feature, not a bug to me.

Feinstein releases transcript of interview with Fusion GPS co-founder. “In his testimony, Simpson rejected suggestions — pushed by Trump allies and Republicans in Congress — that Fusion paid journalists to publish anti-Trump material.” I believe him. They don’t need to actually pay the journalists to do this when they already do it as part of their normal workday.

The NHS Crisis: Austerity, Not Single Payer, Kills. “The NHS has been consistently under-funded by the Conservative government. It’s not just cuts, though May cut spending on public health—things like sexual health services—in 2017. It’s that its increases in funding cannot compete with rises in demand, particularly with an aging population and a lack of social care.” Instead of increased funding, they could just try Death Panels. Oh, wait, they already do that.

‘We don’t got this’: Airmen can’t be pushed to the point of failure, secretary says “It is not fair for this nation to ask our commanders to keep saying ‘We got this’ right up to the point of failure, because we don’t got this.” You’ll love her solution.

Anitere Flores and Oscar Braynon apologize or Florida Man and Florida Woman with political power have affair and get caught. OK, you got me. Not sure how that is actually news.

What? You were expecting sports? Sports ended this autumn for me when Aaron Rodgers got broken. Hardest hit? No! Not Rodgers! SP, that’s who!

Reminded of this by Q’s excellent post. Have a great rest of your day wherever you are, Glibs!